8 Steps to Building the 
Soulprint of a Winner

8 Steps to Building the
Soulprint of a Winner

Out-Improve the Current Version of Yourself and Start Living Your Best Life Within the Next 30 Days

What if I told you that right now, you have the capacity to tap into a new level of abundance, atomic habits, creativity, connection and positive energy? We all have it in the tank! We simply need to seal some leaks.

Many people have the primal mindset of "this is what I was given" or "I wish I was further along” or “I don’t know if it's the right time?” The truth is that opportunities don’t happen yesterday, they happen today!

More than just a conversation around traditional winning and simply rising through the ranks of life, having the DNA of A Winner is about redefining abundance in your life, gifting you fulfillment, success and happiness.

Your goals ARE attainable! Your dreams ARE valid! Let me show you how to seal the leaks so you can find YOUR purpose and reach YOUR milestones.
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Expert Endorsements

CJ Beatty

Motivational Speaker/Pro Athlete
CEO of Motivational Nuggets
“As a motivational speaker I'm always looking for material to read to push my mental toughness to another level. This book is it! I love how this book becomes a mirror for the person reading it. You will immediately start to see and feel yourself grow mentally each and every time you read. This is a must have for sure”

Viliami Tuivai

Keynote Speaker, Success Coach,
Author &  Radio Show Host 
“Let the material in this book aid in developing your ability to prepare, cope, overcome adversity, create self awareness, build your brand, shape a lifestyle and bridge the gap between potential and performance in life.  Exceptionally authored, specific in its teachings and transformational for all that will learn and deploy the “8 Steps to Building the Soulprint of A Winner.”

Shannon Rose Farrell-Jackson

Love-based Leader, Athlete,
Empowerment Coach
"The DNA of a Winner ignites that heart-centered purpose in us all, grounding us in the importance of practice, of the journey, of our humanity and our own incredible ability to elevate our world through self... You will discover your own unique self-truth, that your Soulprint is made of love and that there is immense joy just waiting to be experienced in this life. A must read by all!"
Proven Results
Attain True Happiness by Learning to Use the Happiness Formula

Find the Balance Between Humility and Profitability
Winning Is Understanding That Relationships Are the Root of Your Happiness

Our Approach
We all have Lebron talent within our own dynamic radius. We all have our own version of Vishen Likhiani, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg talent within us. We unearth much of what produces these types of winning rosters, winning teams, winning workplaces and winning individuals inside the DNA of A Winner. 

In all of the cases above, individuals are writing their dreams down, they’re eating the dream, they’re sleeping the dream, they talk about the dream and they accomplish the dream starting not on the pedestal but at square one. Starting small and targeting the best versions of themselves. No one creates success alone. Together we can do this. Prepare to succeed!  

Brad Dalton
Educator, Life Transformation Coach, Corporate & Team Keynote Speaker
Brad Dalton has more than two decades of experience serving others, raising leadership lids, helping others climb onto the positive train and creating the best versions of themselves. 

In his journey, he has learned the lessons of leaning into struggle, soaking up the positives and understanding what the Success Road looks like. Brad has a soft spot in his heart for all individuals starting from the ground up and even more so for those being overlooked because they aren’t deemed “typical."  

Having a son on the autism spectrum, Brad has truly embraced the Success Road. Leading from the front, serving as a chief encouragement officer for those starting in the back, and helping those in the middle not just get even but get ahead are his passions. 
Brad Dalton
What’s in it For You? 
  • ​Learn to live your best life
  • ​Actually enjoy your work and what you do
  • Roll out of bed wanting to become a better leader 
  • ​Judge success in your life by the fulfillment of your relationships, happiness, etc.
  • ​Eliminate roadblocks to reaching certain milestones - money, relationships, success
  • ​Increase your confidence and self worth
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